Accountability – Week 6

It was a busy week (I feel like I say that a lot).  I didn’t walk until late in the week and I realized I was cranky and anxious and blech.  I never understood people who said that they felt off when they didn’t work out.  It appears I may now be one of those people! Accountability – Week 6Weeks until Walk -26Funds Raised to Date – $3593.14 Monday – BusyTuesday – BusyWednesday – BusyThursday – BusyFriday – 3 milesSaturday – 5 milesSunday – 3.5 miles

Accountability – Week 5

I got back into the swing of things this week.  We had our first “official” training walk led by team mate, Maura.  And, despite it being a crazy busy weekend, filled with company and food, I made walking a priority. Accountability – Week 5Weeks until Walk -27Funds Raised to Date – $3518.14 Monday – RestTuesday – 3.4 milesWednesday – OffThursday – 2.6 miles (Will was super cranky so we cut the walk short to get him  home and in bed)Friday – Lots of shopping and cleaning and cookingSaturday – 4.4 miles.  We had our first training walk (3.4 miles) which … Read more

Accountability – Week 4

Motivation was severely lacking this week.  Like big time.  My walking hit a wall.  My fundraising has hit a wall. The big success was not climbing under a blanket with a big gallon of ice cream and a spoon. Oh well.  A new week starts tomorrow. On a very positive note, Maura, one of my teammates, crossed the $3000 mark this week bringing our team total to $9482.28.  We are so so close to crossing the $10,000 mark.  AND we are the 6th highest fundraising team for the DC walk.  Her big accomplishment helped motivate me on Friday! Accountability – … Read more

Accountability – Week 3

I took advantage of the longer nights and beautiful weather this week and had a couple of evening walks with the boys.  Unfortunately Saturday was a rainy bust! Accountability – Week3Weeks until Walk -29Funds Raised to Date – $3483.14  My Walking Buddies Monday – 2.65 miles with boys in the stroller – a beautiful after work evening walk joined by Maura and NateTuesday – Rest DayWednesday – Lazy DayThursday – 4 miles with the boys in the strollerFriday – Decided to hit down town Silver Spring for dinner and yogurt with the boys (No training)Saturday – Rain rain go awaySunday … Read more

Accountability – Week 2

I told you I was going to do a weekly wrap up.  Look at me and all my follow through! This week the weather was absolute perfection.  The week started off great but then I got hit with an awful stomach bug that took me out!  It was a bad scene up in this house.  But I’m feeling better and ended the week on a high note.   Accountability – Week 2Weeks until Walk – 30Funds Raised to Date – $3483.14 ($530 in one week!) Monday – 2.5 miles with boys in the stroller – a beautiful after work evening … Read more