Unwelcome Memories

It’s been a while since a memory has snuck up and smacked me across the face. It use to happen all the time.  I think it was my brain’s way of processing something that it never imagined having to process. What on earth are you talking about Amanda? When my mom got very sick I rushed home to be at her side.  We didn’t know how long she had.  Hours? Days?  No one really knew but we knew it was BAD.  Very very bad.  I spent the next 2 weeks at her side in the hospital.  There were some good … Read more

Strong Like Bull

I’m working on a fun post with lots of past pics of the boys, but damned if I can get it lined up right.  I’ll be soliciting Matt’s technical expertise to find a way to make a pretty post with pictures. So instead of sharing my boys in pictures today I am going to share something else with you. If you knew my mom well, you knew she had this saying that she would use when she was facing something tough.  She’d use the same saying when I was struggling with something.  She would say “Amanda, you can do this … Read more

Thank you!

Ya’ll I made my minimum tonight.  After only 3 months I have hit the $2300 mark.  And I couldn’t have done this without the support, both financial and personal of my donors.  Thank you for reaching into your pockets and hearts to support this effort.  Thank you for listening to me and sharing in my goal to eradicate breast cancer.  Thank you for honoring my mom’s memory. I am overwhelmed.  This week was emotional, the build up to Will and my mom’s birthday.  I thought I would be drained but your support has provided me a spiritual boost that has … Read more

It's an Emotional Week

The emotion of this week just hit me. Excitement over the celebration of the life that came crashing into my world a year ago.  It’s hard to believe that my Will is going to be one.  That he is straddling the line between infancy and toddlerhood.  My baby is so quickly following in his brother’s footsteps and becoming a little boy. And grief over a celebration that will never be . . . God I miss you mom! Bittersweet.

Be Your Own Best Advocate

A few weeks ago I posted about my first mammogram.  I never got a call back.  I never got the letter they promised if everything was fine.  After about two weeks I called my OB/GYN, Dr. P.  They had never received the report either.  She called me back a couple of hours later and read the report to me.  “A normal mammogram with the appearance of a small mass in the right breast.”  How is that normal? I asked.  I was told the radiologist believes it is likely a lymph node. Oh, Ok. I hung up the phone.  I was … Read more