Hidden Blessings

There is a curtain that wraps around the ultrasound table at Children’s hospital.  It’s colorful.  A blue green with large orange and red and yellow circles spanning the length of it.  That curtain and a minute are all that stand between me and a life turned upside down. Every three months I stare at that curtain, peeking under the bottom to see if it is two or four feet that approach.  Two feet means an all clear from the tech – another three months of being medically boring.  Four feet means we are not medically boring.  Four feet means the … Read more

Holding My Breath

Every three months I hold my breath.  Hoping for the best but frozen by the thought of the worst.  I squeeze Sam a little bit tighter, rock him a little bit longer, tell him I love him a little bit louder.  I fight my anxiety and tell the negative voice inside my head to shut up! You see Sam has a genetic disorder called Beckwith Wiedemann Syndrome (BWS).  BWS is a congenital growth disorder.  We are thankful that on the spectrum of disorders, this one will likely have a minimal impact on Sam’s life.  In fact, we wouldn’t have even … Read more