Babies to Big Boys

Just a few short days after we discovered this, Will took it upon himself to try to climb out of his crib.  Monkey see, monkey do! After some deep breaths and maybe even a few tears we headed out, brought some big boy bedding (and a video monitor) and converted the boys cribs into toddler beds. Just like that!  In the blink of an eye my babies are big boys.  I can’t believe it.  I remember, like it was yesterday, the first time I laid them down in those cribs.  How teeny tiny they were and how huge the crib … Read more

Hold Me

Tonight was just a normal Wednesday night in our house. Dinner, then baths, jammies, some snuggles and off to bed for the two toddlers.  Books and kisses and blankies.  Normal. From our perch on the couch it sounded like the normal post bed time antics were starting.  Calls for more water, blankets being thrown off, stuffed animals being tossed.  All par for the course. Little did we know this is what we would find when we went into the boys’ room to break up the party. I know we couldn’t expect to keep him confined to his crib for the … Read more

Baby Fever

I got it bad! Baby fever! Just look at that sweet cherub face!  Looking at how calm and serene he looks I can almost forget what a hellion of a baby my Will was. And sleep?  Eh, it hasn’t been that bad.  Really it hasn’t!  I was just overreacting when I wrote all about losing my mind slowly from sleep deprivation.  This whole parenthood thing has been nothing but bliss and rainbows and unicorns.  So clearly I am not out of my mind when I start thinking about wanting another sweet, innocent, wonderful baby. The truth is, I am OUT … Read more

Tough Questions

Last night I was cleaning up the kitchen after putting the boys to bed.   Sam was up to his usual stalling tactics. “I need more water.” “Please put my blanket back on.” “Can I have a book.” Matt was in there for the third time and as I turned off the water in the sink I heard Sam asking about Grandma Linda and where she was. We’ve talked about her with the boys just like we talk about their other grandparents.  We tell them how much she loves them and we talk about things she gave us and show them … Read more

The Night Before Thanksgiving

Three years ago tonight, as I stood in my kitchen prepping the Turkey and cutting up veggies, I had no idea how much my life would change in a mere 24 hours. I had no idea that I would go into labor three weeks early. I had no idea that instead of spending Thanksgiving watching football with my family in my home I would spend it watching football with my family in the hospital. I had no idea that less than 24 hours later I would hold the person who would change my world and push me to love beyond … Read more