Photo Friday – Putting it all Together

Together, aperture, shutter speed and ISO make up what is called the exposure triangle.  And your job, when you shoot manual, is to make those three settings work together to give you a properly exposed image with the desired affect. Let’s review- Aperture: A low F-stop is a large opening that allows alot of light but provides a shallow depth of field.  A high f-stop is a small opening that limits the amount of light but provides a deep depth of field where more of your image is in focus. Shutter speed: A slow shutter speed exposes your image to … Read more

Photo Friday – ISO

So far we have talked about Aperture and shooting in Aperture Priority mode. We’ve talked about shutter speed and shooting in shutter speed priority mode. There is a third way to control light with your camera and that is ISO.  ISO, in digital photography, is how sensitive your camera’s sensor is to light.  The lower your ISO is the less sensitive your sensor is.  The higher the ISO the mores sensitive it is.  Higher ISO settings are generally used in low lighting situations to give you the ability to increase your shutter speed. The standard ISO setting is 100 and … Read more

Photo Friday – Shutter Speed Priority

This is the second of my photo Friday posts.  Last time I talked about turning your camera off the automatic setting and playing with aperture priority.  Aperture priority was  my preference when I first started playing with my camera. However, there is another setting that allows you some control over the look of your final image while the camera figures out the rest of the settings. Today I’m going to look at shooting in shutter speed priority.  Shutter speed priority let’s you adjust the shutter speed while your camera figures out what the correct aperture is to give you a … Read more

Photo Friday – Say Goodbye to Manual

Learning to shoot manual can be daunting.  When I set out to learn my DSLR – I was instantly overwhelmed.  I had even taken 4 years of photography in school but turning that dial from Auto on my fancy digital camera totally scared me. I quickly learned that today’s digital camera’s have something that the old fashion film camera I shot with in school didn’t – training wheels.  Yup, they have a way for you to practice the principals of photography while still helping you out a long the way. What are these magic little training wheels you ask?  I … Read more

Welcome to Photo Fridays

Welcome to Photo Fridays.  Ok, so I know that today is technically Thursday but my official first Photo Friday blog will be posted tomorrow and I wanted to explain the what and why behind what I hope to make a weekly tradition. As you may be aware, I have taken an increased interest in photography.  I want to be able to document our life, both the ordinary and extraordinary moments that make up the fabric of our family so that the boys and one day their children and maybe even grandchildren can look back on these pictures and get an … Read more