Clickin Moms Blog Circle – Beautiful Ugly

This month’s challenge was a hard one for me.  We were asked to photograph ugly and show beauty.  So not my thing.  I put it off for about as long as I could then headed out to my garden to see if I could get some images of a spider (ewww) or it’s web or maybe a bee.  But nature wasn’t cooperating. Instead I found a few of my plants all chewed up.  Stupid beetles.  Definitely making my beautiful garden ugly!  But as I thought about it I realized to them this is food.  Sustenance.  And even though I’d much … Read more

Sick Day or Basketball Camp

Will has pink eye.  Ewww!  But after watching the tornado coverage last night I was more than happy to stay home and love on him today. Luckily he feels fine.  He’s happy and playful and full of energy.  Only sign of sickness is a goopy eye. He begged me to pull out the basketball hoop so he could practice his mad skills.  This boy can dunk, hit a lay up and run wind sprints!  Watch out Big Ten — I hear UMD is already recruiting him!

Just My Boys – In the Backyard

May has been a busy month.  I appreciate that.  Busy means I don’t have time to get stuck in the sadness that this month tends to bring. But I feel like we’ve been so busy we haven’t had much time to slow down.  I haven’t taken my camera out nearly as much as I’d like.  I haven’t written at all.  So when I was home a little early Thursday night, I took advantage of the warmth and daylight and got outside with my favorite guys.  (Grandpa was there too but he didn’t get down on the ground.) These three boys … Read more

Clickin Moms Blog Circle – Through Glass

It’s blog circle time again!  This month we were challenged to shoot through glass.  I tried a couple of different concepts but really wanted to capture the boys getting ready for bed and some night time snuggles.  I was finally able to set up the images tonight. These little boys are growing so fast.  We are going through a particularly challenging phase with them – but one day I’ll look back at these images and long for the days (and nights) where they demanded so much of our attention.  (And hopefully I’ll forget the yelling and biting and temper tantrums)! … Read more