Growing Pains

Today I kept Sam home with me so we could work on potty training.  I have loved having some special time to just focus on him.  He’s such a bright, funny and sweet little boy. He’s been having nightmares lately which are making bed time really hard.  He’s scared to go to sleep but he doesn’t know how to tell us what’s wrong.  He just gets upset and stalls.  I can’t help but feel like he may have inherited a little bit of anxiety from me.  I’ve been known to not sleep for a couple of days after a particularly … Read more

Clickin Moms Blog Circle – Interesting Perspectives

This month’s Clickin Moms Blog Circle challenge was “interesting perspectives.” It’s kind of fitting that this is my first post in well over a week.  March was a tough month and I’ve taken the last week to focus inward and get my footing again.  I needed some time to get some “perspective.” Since having kids, I have found the best way to gain some much needed perspective is to focus on them.  To spend time just being their mom.  So I rushed home each night and consciously hugged them tighter.  I watched them more intently.  I let the overwhelming love … Read more

Thirty Four

Life can be hard.  Harder than I think it should be at 34.  But maybe that is how everyone feels. I think the years are starting to show on my face.  Worry and stress and grief.  But those lines around my mouth also represent laughter.  And those crows feet around my eyes tell the tale of a life full of smiles. You have to know the dark to truly appreciate the light.  So even though my thirty fifth year of life has started off a little harder and darker than I would like, I know that bright days lie ahead. … Read more