A certain family member (Uncle Joe Joe) refuses to get FB so he’s been begging me to start posting more pictures of the boys.  I’m going to try to be better at that for anyone who is checking in!

Today I am home with Will because he hurt his foot and the Dr. wants him to “take it easy.”  I’ve gotten into this habit of looking for pockets of light.  I can be driving along and see a place where the sun is streaming through the trees and I find myself dreaming about pulling over and taking pictures.  Problem is I’m usually late for something AND I don’t have my camera.

Well today as I was typing a couple of emails and turned and looked out my window and couldn’t believe how beautiful the sun looked bouncing off the fall leaves.  So I grabbed my little injured cherub and plopped him right there in the front yard in all that gorgeous afternoon light.

Moral of the story – sometimes it’s worth it to stop what you’re doing and chase the light!

fall and will-1

fall and will-2

fall and will-3

fall and will-4

fall and will-5

fall and will-6

fall and will-7

fall and will-8

fall and will-9

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