Fuck Cancer

Say it with me.  FUCK CANCER!

Yesterday morning I got an email from a fellow Susan G. Komen 3-day walker passing on the sad news that a fellow warrior in pink, Bridget Spence, lost her battle.

She was 29.  TWENTY NINE.  Fuck Cancer.

A woman on my Clickin Mom’s board posted that she was just diagnosed with breast cancer and is going in for a double mastectomy.

She’s 30.  And has a two year old.  Fuck Cancer.

A sorority sister posted on Facebook this morning that her principal lost her battle to cancer.

She had young kids.  Fuck Cancer.

I am ragey about this.  Mad.  Mad.  MAD.

And discouraged.  We aren’t getting there fast enough.  All the fundraising and research and money and angst and prayers.  We aren’t getting there fast enough.

We need a cure.  We needed a cure yesterday.  I needed a cure 4 years ago.


It’s enough to make you give up.  The journey seems too hard and too dark.  Too many unhappy endingspearls

Then I got an invitation to join a Facebook event tonight in honor of Bridget.  All that was asked is you make a $29 donation to a 3-day walker you never met with the message “In Honor of Bridget.”  Hundreds of people paying it forward to strangers.  Hundreds of little lights shining in the darkness.

Hundreds of people saying “Fuck Cancer” in unison.  A rising roar that we aren’t going to take this silently.  That we are not going to give up.  That we will band together and shine our light until there is no more darkness for cancer to hide in.  Cancer can keep trying to knock us down but we’ll keep striking back with love.  We’ll keep striking back until we can celebrate victory – a cure.   And on that day while we are all celebrating – we’ll hold a sacred place for those warriors we lost.

Tonight I found a walker named Linda and honored two amazing warriors who I know will be smiling down on us when we finally win this war.

Fuck cancer.

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  1. kristin stockschlaeder says:

    From the rooftops…. FUCK CANCER!

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