Growing Pains

Today I kept Sam home with me so we could work on potty training.  I have loved having some special time to just focus on him.  He’s such a bright, funny and sweet little boy.


He’s been having nightmares lately which are making bed time really hard.  He’s scared to go to sleep but he doesn’t know how to tell us what’s wrong.  He just gets upset and stalls.  I can’t help but feel like he may have inherited a little bit of anxiety from me.  I’ve been known to not sleep for a couple of days after a particularly vivid nightmare.

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We’ve been trying to reassure him and make him feel safe but my heart breaks a little bit when he looks under bushes for “mean cats.”  I don’t want him to internalize fear the same way I have.  We are so carefully balancing giving him the love and reassurance he needs while trying not to play into his anxiety over mean brown cats, alligators and rats.

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I want him to know that his daddy and I will always be here to hold him and love him and I want to build him up to be a strong and resilient little man.

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Growing up is hard to do!

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  1. Kristen says:

    Put some water in a spray bottle and add some ‘bad cat spraying’ to your bedtime routine! works for monsters too:)

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