Happy Birthday Monkey Love

This is not how I wanted to celebrate  Sam’s third birthday

My Sick Birthday Boy

I had hoped to wake him with hugs and kisses and a special birthday breakfast.  Bring him a balloon when I picked him up from daycare.  And put a candle in a cupcake.  But this nasty little virus had other plans for today.  My poor little man is celebrating his birthday while sleeping off a fever on the family room floor.  :-(

Dear Sam,

Can I just say – three years. Three. Three.  THREE!


I cannot believe that you, my baby, turned three today.  It feels like just yesterday I was holding this newborn bundle of love in my arms.  At the same time I feel like you have held a piece of my heart for as long as it has been beating.

This past year has been an awesome adventure with you.  I have amazed at watching you become a little person who has independent thoughts and wants and can communicate them effectively. 

You like cars and trucks and trains.  And you love books.  You have an avid curiosity and are constantly questioning and making sense of this World.  One moment you are testing your independence and the next you’re clinging to my hand for comfort and assurance.   Though I know there will be a day you don’t reach for it instinctively, I hope you always know that hand will be there to steady and guide you.

My favorite time of the day is picking you up from school when you declare “you came back!” while hugging me like I am the most important person in the World.  You tell me all about your day on the way home and I marvel at how verbal and articulate you have become.  It amazes me when I hear you express yourself just as well in Spanish.  What a smart little guy you are!

You are a good big brother and like to help to teach Will life lessons. He is lucky to have you to walk this journey with.  I hope you two grow to know true friendship and brotherhood.

You are THE BEST snuggler.  You get that from me.  When you ask me to get back into bed and snuggle in the morning I can’t resist.  I’ll gladly suffer being a couple of minutes late for a few more seconds of morning cuddles!

In the last week you have begun to push at the boundaries and rules that have governed your little World.  You alternate between frustrated and jubilant and back again.  A figurative roller coaster of emotions.  I think you are making a transition from the last of your babyhood into a little boy.  It’s rough for you and bittersweet for me.  I’m so proud to watch you grow but at the same time I desperately want to hold you just a little bit longer as my baby.

I know there is no sense hoping to stop time so instead I’ll hope that you continue to find wonder in the World, remain curious and inquisitive and continue to love big.  So much life lies ahead of you and I am awed and honored to get to watch it unfold for you.

I love you my monkey man!


Sam’s Weekend Birthday Celebration


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