It was a Merry Little Christmas

Christmas 2012 was good to us.  We celebrated Christmas Eve with good friends and family and our traditional Italian dinner.  We ended the night snuggled in Christmas Jammies reading the Night Before Christmas, left Santa some cookies and milk and said goodbye to our elf, Gulliver.

Christmas day was spent with my dad and brother and two little boys who were spoiled by everyone, including Santa. When the house was empty again Sam declared “I’m sad!”  Looks like the post Christmas blues can strike a three year old too!

We were able to spend a few days in Indiana where we got to celebrate Christmas again and ring in the New Year (well we actually slept through the New Year)!  Our Holidays were full of love and friendship and joy.  Not much more this mama could ask for.  Christmas 2012-9 Christmas 2012-10 Christmas 2012-12 Christmas 2012-11 Christmas 2012-13 Christmas 2012-14 Christmas 2012-15 Christmas 2012-1 Christmas 2012-2 Christmas 2012-3 Christmas 2012-6 Christmas 2012-4 Christmas 2012-5 Christmas 2012-7 Christmas 2012-8 Christmas 2012-16 Christmas 2012-17 Christmas 2012-19 Christmas 2012-18 Christmas 2012-20 Christmas 2012-21 Christmas 2012-22

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