It's Still My War

When I look back on 2012 my proudest moment came on October 16 when I linked arms with 5 of my girlfriends and crossed the finish line of the Susan G. Komen DC 3-Day.  The 60 miles we traveled over those three days was only part of our accomplishment.  The real accomplishment was personally raising $5000 and as a team raising $19000 that would go to real advancements in the fight against breast cancer and hopefully, one day soon, a cure.  20121013-image(1)

I decided to take some time off after the 3-Day.  Having spent many of my weekend days away from my family on training walks, I was looking forward to more mornings snuggling.  I made a commitment not to make any decision until after the Holidays.  Italy-Day-1 36

For the last 3 months I have given myself every excuse not to walk again: my hip is acting up again, people might not donate again, the time commitment was too much, I spent too much time away from my kids, it’s too much to ask of Matt.  Other’s have given me outs as well – telling me taking a year or two off doesn’t mean I can’t do it again.  I have spent the last three months trying to talk myself out of walking again.

This past weekend I was reflecting on my New Years theme to embrace and I realized that I need to embrace what is in my heart and cast away the self-doubt.  This is my fight.  This. Is. My. Fight.  In 2009 Breast Cancer made this my fight.  And over this last year I have watched as breast cancer continued to knock on the door of too many people that I know and love.  My Grandma Do who fights that cancer with every beautiful cell in her body and my Aunt Tootsie who lost her battle on New Years Day.  Too many!Italy-Day-1 3

Most of you know that on May 5, 2009 I lost my mom, my compass, to breast cancer.  I have lived with that loss every single second since that day.  That loss has broken me but in the midst of that loss has also come opportunity.  I have the opportunity now, to make a difference in this fight.  I have an opportunity to make a difference in somebody elses life.  If not me then who?  If not now then when?  I have to keep fighting!  The war isn’t over.  Italy-Day-1 44

So I hope you will cheer me on as I start this journey again and I hope you will support me by making a donation.  It is because of donations from you that we can keep advancing this fight.  We can’t stop now!

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5 Responses to It's Still My War

  1. Catina says:

    Fantastic Amanda!! My mom and dad walked in the 3-day 2 years ago. We went to cheer them on and the closing ceremony was one of the most moving experiences I’ve seen. Are you walking in DC again? I have considered it. I should talk to my mom more about it…

    • Amanda says:

      I am walking DC again. It’s an amazing event but what is really amazing is being a part of a movement that raises such millions for breast cancer research and then hearing about the very real outcomes and the stories of how those advancements are giving women chances they once wouldn’t have had.

  2. Catina says:

    My family and I have been participating in the Global Race for the Cure since 2006 and have led an effort that has raise over $25,000. Then my mom and dad did the 3-day 2 years ago to add to that. My mom “crafts for a cure” every spare moment she has to raise money for Komen. It’s a huge part of our family’s life in remembrance of my grandmother. My heart is there with you. Thinking about whether I’m capable of doing this too…

  3. Judy says:

    Thank you Amanda for taking the time and effort to do this. As a breast cancer survivor, it warms my heart to read this!
    So sorry for the loss of your family members.
    Keep fighting!

    • Amanda says:

      Thank you Judy! I’ll keep walking for you and for all the survivors, those who we’ve lost and those yet to be diagnosed so that one day none of our moms, daughters, friends will have to face this!

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