Just a Little Every Day Magic

Last night we took the boys to dinner and a movie at a local pizzeria. We had a day full of stress and just needed to unwind with our two favorite toddlers. It was raining pretty good when we got to the restaurant.

By the time we left it was snowing.  Not just snowing but big, huge whopper snow flakes snowing.

Normally I would grab the nearest kid and rush them into the car.  Keep warm.  Keep dry.  And I started to do just that but as I stepped outside holding Will he started laughing at the snow.  His laugh was just too darn infectious.

“Can you get the snowflakes?” I asked

He reached his hand up to the sky, tipped his head back and dissolved into a fit of giggles.  Squealing that the snow was on his face and in his mouth.  “I got it.” He’d cry then reach for more snow.  I tipped my own head back and started laughing right along with him.  We must have been quite the silly sight.

There was just a little bit of magic in that dark, wet, pizzeria parking lot and I’m so glad I stopped to soak it in.

It was a little disappointing to stop all the fun to get in that warm, dry car.

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