Our Long Weekend In

We had a three day weekend this past weekend thanks to President’s Day and I was just a wee bit excited that we had no real plans.  A trip to Little Gym Sunday morning and an impromptu brunch date with friends on Monday were the only things that got us to leave the house.

While that much time cooped up in the house tends to make us all a little cranky, I was really looking forward to just locking myself up with the family.  We are finally getting to a point where weekends don’t feel like ALL work.   As the boys get older and play together better and have long enough attention spans to snuggle through a movie, the weekends become more and more enjoyable – and dare I say it — a little relaxing!  Here’s a little glimpse into our weekend in.

Movie Watching

untitled-13 untitled-17

Reading some Books

untitled-36 untitled-25

Helping with Laundry

untitled-21 untitled-4 untitled-2

Getting some Fresh Air

untitled-107 untitled-86 untitled-76

Bedtime Baths

untitled-64 untitled-57 untitled-26

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