Out one Door

Sams last day daycare

Today was Sam’s last day of daycare.  I am confident in saying it was more traumatic for me than it was for him.

We have been amazingly lucky to have wonderful daycare providers who have invited my kids into their home and their hearts.  They have loved and nurtured both my boys and given them a safe place to grow from the babies they were carried in as to the kids they will walk out as.

They threw Sam a wonderful party today – complete with his favorite lunch (Tania’s homemade rice and beans) and cupcakes and took picture after picture.  I was so touched with how special they made Sam’s last day with them.

I look at this kid and find myself wondering, how did that happen?  When did you become a full blown child?  And I am overcome with pride and a touch of sadness.  Sadness, that this is all going way too fast.  And as he races forward into the next adventure, I want to pull him back onto my lap and tell him to just slow down, just a little bit.

But that boy, who carries a piece of my heart around inside him, races forward, out one door and into the next.  And I can’t help but cheer him on and smile brightly as he takes on this whole new world that lies ahead.

Go get em Tiger (but remember you’ll always be my baby!)

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