Clickin Mom's Blog Circle – Shallow Depth of Field

I think this month’s Clickin Mom’s challenge, shallow depth of field, is a favorite amongst photographers.  I know it is for me.  Shallow depth of field is when your focus falls on a very small portion of the photo with the fore and background falling quickly out of focus. Chasing two toddlers around, I very rarely have a chance to position them so that distractions are eliminated, opting to capture them in the natural (cluttered) environment.  I use shallow depth of field to isolate them from the background A LOT! Here are a couple of my favorite images where I … Read more

Let Them Be Boys – Hose


I always thought I would be a girl mom.  Even though I had two brothers the thought of raising boys was foreign to me.  Until . . . Until, I held my sweet Sam in my arms for the first time.  Until I looked into Will’s wild eyes.  In those moments I knew that I was meant to be their mom.  I was meant to be a mom of boys. They are my chaos.  Shaking up my carefully balanced world. But I realized on a recent trip to Indiana that all too often I try to control their wild.  I … Read more

Clickin Moms Blog Circle – Beautiful Ugly

This month’s challenge was a hard one for me.  We were asked to photograph ugly and show beauty.  So not my thing.  I put it off for about as long as I could then headed out to my garden to see if I could get some images of a spider (ewww) or it’s web or maybe a bee.  But nature wasn’t cooperating. Instead I found a few of my plants all chewed up.  Stupid beetles.  Definitely making my beautiful garden ugly!  But as I thought about it I realized to them this is food.  Sustenance.  And even though I’d much … Read more

Sick Day or Basketball Camp

Will has pink eye.  Ewww!  But after watching the tornado coverage last night I was more than happy to stay home and love on him today. Luckily he feels fine.  He’s happy and playful and full of energy.  Only sign of sickness is a goopy eye. He begged me to pull out the basketball hoop so he could practice his mad skills.  This boy can dunk, hit a lay up and run wind sprints!  Watch out Big Ten — I hear UMD is already recruiting him!