The 3-Day

Linda’s Ladies DC 2012

The Susan G. Komen 3-Day for the Cure is a 60-mile walk for women and men who want to make a personal difference in the fight to end breast cancer. Participants commit to raise at least $2,300 and spend several months training to prepare for the event.

In November of 2011 I started my 3-day journey by signing up to walk the 2012 Washington DC 3-day.  Over the course of the next year I raised over $5,000, walked uncountable miles, bought two new pairs of shoes and was joined by 5 amazing women.  Together we made up Linda’s Ladies.

By the end of our 3-Day weekend, Linda’s Ladies had raised $19,500.  We had also gained multiple blisters and some aches and pains, but we walked across the finish line arm and arm and celebrated our amazing accomplishment.

But my journey can’t stop there because the fight is not over, my job is not done.  On January 1, 2013 my great Aunt lost her battle to breast cancer. This battle is too close to home.  It has knocked on my front door too many times.  That is why I am once again asking for your support as I put one foot in front of the other in hopes that one day we will realize a cure for this awful disease.

To find out more about this amazing event that raises enormous amounts of funding for breast cancer research or to make a donation please visit


Accountability – Week 13

May was a terrible month for training (and accountability) but I am back!  I didn’t have a stellar week but I walked more miles than was called for this weekend.  It felt good.  After pushing the boys for seven miles yesterday, today’s 4 mile walk was a piece of cake.  I invested in my “hydration system” — who knew there was such a thing? And picked up some different brands of socks to see which ones I like the best.  I’m really looking forward to next weekend when we have some “girl walks” planned.  It’s been a busy couple of … Read more


It’s a big week for Linda’s Ladies.  It’s a big week for me. When I set out on this journey last year I committed to raising $2300.  I was nervous.  I hoped I could do it.  I was prepared to put my own money up if I couldn’t meet that minimum.  This week I crossed the $4000 mark.  It’s unbelievable to me.  I am so grateful that others believe in what I am doing.  I am so grateful that others share the goal, the desire to find a cure and beat breast cancer once and for all. When I set … Read more

Accountability – Week 9

This week was a walking bust – but I wouldn’t have traded it.  We took the boys to Florida to spend some time with their Great Grandparents.  It was a wonderful trip!  Today I get back on track.Accountability – Week 8Weeks until Walk -23Funds Raised to Date – $3693.14 Miles Walked to Date – 97.85Monday – RestTuesday – Worked LateWednesday – Prepping for TripThursday – VacaFriday – VacaSaturday – 3 miles in Fl.Sunday – Vaca

Accountability – Week 8

It’s here.  Tomorrow starts the official count down to the walk.  Tomorrow starts the official training schedule.  I am so excited.  I am so ready for this.  The first couple weeks should be a breeze but then miles start stacking up quickly.  My game face is on!  I am determined to rock this walk.  And 8 weeks!  EIGHT WEEKS.  That’s like two months.  I’ve been doing this accountability thing for two whole months and it’s working.   I’ve talked before about how easily I tend to give up on things.  I have to say I am very happy with how consistent … Read more

Accountability Report – Week 7

This week I worked to get myself back on track and feel that overall I was successful.  I Would have liked to walk on Sunday but the weather got the best of me. On a fundraising note I crossed the $3600 threshold.  I am less than $1000 away from my goal of $4600.  Today we are $3693.14 closer to a cure.  $3693.14 closer to daughters never having to go through what I did.  $3693.14 closer to never having to walk again! I am so grateful for the generosity I have been shown.  The support, financially and emotionally has been overwhelming.  … Read more