Thirty Four

Life can be hard.  Harder than I think it should be at 34.  But maybe that is how everyone feels.

selfie 2013 0321-90-EditI think the years are starting to show on my face.  Worry and stress and grief.  But those lines around my mouth also represent laughter.  And those crows feet around my eyes tell the tale of a life full of smiles.

You have to know the dark to truly appreciate the light.  So even though my thirty fifth year of life has started off a little harder and darker than I would like, I know that bright days lie ahead.

I hope this year brings me a deeper appreciation for all that I have, with a side of love and laughter!

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  1. kristin stockschlaeder says:

    Hi Amanda,
    Back in 2009 I think you left a comment on a post I had written on a NYT parenting blog…

    I was heartbroken for you when I read it seeing that you had just lost your Mom and were expecting. So finally I googled you since I had always thought about how you were doing and I see you are making her proud! I have done the 3 day myself many times and it’s amazing right?! Glad to see you are making memories and getting your happy back. Just wanted you to know I never forgot that sweet comment and I’m so happy to see you living well.

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