Tricks of the Mind

This morning, like most mornings, the boys climbed into bed with me and we all fell back to sleep.

As I started to wake up I thought gee, I haven’t talked to mom in a few days.

Then I thought, when was the last time, not yesterday – I must have called her on her birthday. And just as that thought floated through my mind reality started to break in.  Things started to come back into focus and the first hazy thoughts of consciousness turned to clarity.

That clarity also brought a new wave of sadness.  A wave that was different than any I had experienced before.  For a few very brief seconds I traveled back in time.  To days when I took talking to my mom for granted.  When the thought of picking up the phone and calling her would easily mingle with thoughts of what else I needed to do for the day.  For a few brief seconds things were as they should be.

But those seconds slipped through my fingers, like a good dream that no matter how hard you try to go back to sleep to return to you just can’t.  Gone.

Tricks of the mind!

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