Will's Second Birthday

We took this year off from birthday parties.  The boys have so many toys so we opted to just have quiet birthday celebrations.  Grandpa Jay came to spend the weekend with Will and we had presents and cake!  Next weekend Grandma Barb and Grandpa Lanny are coming into town to close out Will’s week long celebration.  A lucky boy indeed.

It’s very hard waiting to open presents (this was one of 3 meltdowns during present time!)2013 0223-0224-4

Will had been asking for a “Mater” cake for the last three months so we had a mater themed evening complete with a new Mater truck from big brother.2013 0223-0224-16

A bike – just like Sam’s!2013 0223-0224-48 2013 0223-0224-50 2013 0223-0224-99

Did someone say cake?2013 0223-0224-103 2013 0223-0224-112 2013 0223-0224-116 2013 0223-0224-119 2013 0223-0224-122 2013 0223-0224-124 2013 0223-0224-126

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  1. Courtney Canella says:

    did you make the cake???

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