It was a Merry Little Christmas

Christmas 2012 was good to us.  We celebrated Christmas Eve with good friends and family and our traditional Italian dinner.  We ended the night snuggled in Christmas Jammies reading the Night Before Christmas, left Santa some cookies and milk and said goodbye to our elf, Gulliver. Christmas day was spent with my dad and brother and two little boys who were spoiled by everyone, including Santa. When the house was empty again Sam declared “I’m sad!”  Looks like the post Christmas blues can strike a three year old too! We were able to spend a few days in Indiana where … Read more

Holiday Cheer is the Best Medicine

After an emotionally and mentally exhausting week I was really looking forward to embracing some time with the family this weekend. What better way to chase away the ickies then with some Christmas spirit.  So Saturday we headed out to a tree farm to cut down our tree.  We’ve never done this before and we had a blast.  I took tons of pictures and had fun sorting through them to find my favorites. This one of Sam I converted to Black and White and may just be my favorite from today.  Keep scrolling because there is a lot more! We … Read more

A Little Peace

I haven’t written much the last couple of weeks.  The holiday’s exhausted me – in a wonderfully joyful way.  This is the third Christmas I have spent without my mom.  It was the first Christmas that I was able to embrace as my own. The last three years we have hosted Christmas, in one form or another at my house.  There are many reasons. New babies, pregnancy, having my babies wake up in their own beds and discover Santa in their own home.  But mostly because being in my mom’s home, without my mom, on Christmas is something I’m just … Read more


I am sentimental.  Very Sentimental. Overly sentimental! Songs and smells and sounds can transport me to a different time and place. This time of year I am especially sensitive.  The sounds of Christmas carols, and the smell of Christmas trees mixed with cinnamon instantly bring me back to my home growing up.  The feelings of warmth and comfort and love come flooding. This time of year brings on a whirlwind of emotions and tears are always close to the surface.  I am filled with a profound sadness that I’ll never have another one of my mom’s Christmases, a yearning for … Read more