Holiday Cheer is the Best Medicine

After an emotionally and mentally exhausting week I was really looking forward to embracing some time with the family this weekend. What better way to chase away the ickies then with some Christmas spirit.  So Saturday we headed out to a tree farm to cut down our tree.  We’ve never done this before and we had a blast.  I took tons of pictures and had fun sorting through them to find my favorites. This one of Sam I converted to Black and White and may just be my favorite from today.  Keep scrolling because there is a lot more! We … Read more

Get a Grip

May. May is just a hard, stressful month for me.  There’s a lot of good in May, but it all seems to be overtaken by my mom’s death.  It hangs over me and the month sucks the energy right out of me. Compound that with three weekends out of town, over 70 hours in the car with two toddlers, cleaning out my parent’s house and a really heavy workload.  May has kicked my ass.  To cope, I gave up taking care of me.  When something had to give, I gave up my time to walk.  When my emotions took over … Read more

Emily's Question

I recently wrote this post over at Merelymothers.  Emily left a comment and asked me to write about how I got through the toughest times and if I have any tips or ideas for facing such a loss.  Emily shared that her mom has been diagnosed with Early Onset Alzheimers Disease. Emily, if you are reading this, first let me say that I am so sorry that you and your mother have to face this.  And thank you for reaching out.  Loss is such a hard and lonely process.  It’s so very personal and no one will ever experience loss … Read more

Seeking Inspiration

A couple of weeks ago I spent some time adding new bloggers to my twitter feed and daily reading list.  One has cancer, one’s sister died, one is a recovering addict, one is a struggling single mom, one’s husband is on deployment.  The list goes on. As I thought about this the other day my initial reaction was – gee Amanda, you seem to be spending a lot of time reading about other’s misfortunes.  And I contemplated stopping.  Was I looking for others who felt despair?  Was I comparing my struggles with their struggles?  Was I looking for a reason … Read more

A Moment of Clairty

Today I was driving back to my office and was overwhelemed by the beauty around me.  The clarity of the world.  The wonder of nature and spring and cherry blossoms and bright blue skies.  And I realized something, I haven’t felt this wonder about life in general in a very long time.  I’m in awe of my kids and there are days that their sheer existence brings me joy I didn’t know possible. But that feeling of being one with the World — of feeling present and grateful of that presence has alluded me for some time.  Today it felt … Read more