Just My Boys – In the Backyard

May has been a busy month.  I appreciate that.  Busy means I don’t have time to get stuck in the sadness that this month tends to bring. But I feel like we’ve been so busy we haven’t had much time to slow down.  I haven’t taken my camera out nearly as much as I’d like.  I haven’t written at all.  So when I was home a little early Thursday night, I took advantage of the warmth and daylight and got outside with my favorite guys.  (Grandpa was there too but he didn’t get down on the ground.) These three boys … Read more

My Perfect Fit

Oh, he’s probably going to kill me for writing this, because that’s just the kind of guy he is. Never seeking attention.  A little bit quiet.  Happy behind the scenes. He’s the rock in my life.  My slow and steady.  I’m up and down and all around and he’s always right there ready to pull me out of the depths, catch me when I fall and keep me grounded. It’s funny how opposite we are in many ways but I think he was made for me.  He’s my counterbalance.  My warm place to rest after the World is a little … Read more