Accountability – Week 2

I told you I was going to do a weekly wrap up.  Look at me and all my follow through! This week the weather was absolute perfection.  The week started off great but then I got hit with an awful stomach bug that took me out!  It was a bad scene up in this house.  But I’m feeling better and ended the week on a high note.   Accountability – Week 2Weeks until Walk – 30Funds Raised to Date – $3483.14 ($530 in one week!) Monday – 2.5 miles with boys in the stroller – a beautiful after work evening … Read more

Hitting my Stride

Today after nap time, I took advantage of the unreal weather and hit the road with the boys.  I’d been sick for the better part of the week and was a little worried that I might still be a little weak, but we headed off towards town. We were about a mile into our walk when I realized I was actually enjoying it.  It felt GOOD.  I was having fun listening to Sam’s running commentary of everything he saw and the stroller I was pushing didn’t feel like a burden.  It’s the first walk I have been out on where … Read more

Accountability – Week 1

So, as we established earlier today I have a problem staying motivated and being honest about my training.  Tonight is my first weekly wrap up.  These may not be all that interesting but it’s just another tool to keep me honest and motivated as I train to walk the Susan G. Komen 3-Day in October. Accountability – Week 1Weeks until Walk – 31While we are talking the walk I’ll throw in current fundraising total – $2953.14 Official training doesn’t start for another 7 weeks but I’m working to get myself up to a baseline so training doesn’t overwhelm me. Monday … Read more

I Have an Accountability Problem

I have accountability issues.  I like shortcuts — ones that no one but me need to know about.  No one but me needs to know that I ate that one (two, three — OK 4!) cookies.  If I put this one purchase on my check card Matt never needs to know about it.  Eh, who will know that I took the short route instead of the long route on my walk.  I’m pretty sure this is why the only workout regiments that have ever worked for me have been in structured settings.  Swim team, dance class.  I’m an incredibly proud … Read more

Thank you!

Ya’ll I made my minimum tonight.  After only 3 months I have hit the $2300 mark.  And I couldn’t have done this without the support, both financial and personal of my donors.  Thank you for reaching into your pockets and hearts to support this effort.  Thank you for listening to me and sharing in my goal to eradicate breast cancer.  Thank you for honoring my mom’s memory. I am overwhelmed.  This week was emotional, the build up to Will and my mom’s birthday.  I thought I would be drained but your support has provided me a spiritual boost that has … Read more