I'm putting my Money on the Founding Fathers

I have avoided politics throughout this whole election.  I have my views, some the candidate I will support share and some he differs vastly with me.  And I’m ok with that.  I have made a choice on who I believe will be the best representative to this country.  The country I wake up every morning and go to work and support. I know that there will never be a human being that is the perfect President.  You have to have certain character traits to even seek the office.  Character traits that many of us would find intolerable in a friend … Read more

A Perfect Fall Morning

 There is just something about the smell of fall that I love.  It’s crisp and earthy.  And the air is dry and fresh.  It makes your cheeks hot and your nose sting and let’s your breathe deeper than the hot humid air that is so common here during the summer months.  Along with all those wonderful attributes also come shorter days.  The loss of day light seems to have a strong effect on my mood.  So I’m making sure I pop my Vitamin D daily and I’m trying to take advantage of the day light before the cold of winter … Read more

Moving Beyond Awareness

Hi! I know I have been MIA.  Life has been busy and most days I’m trying to keep up with the boys and the to do lists.  But everything is good.  We had a wonderful vacation where family joined us and the boys were surrounded by sand and sea and love.  The days have turned into weeks and weeks have turned into months.  Time is flying! We are also closing in on the kick off of the 3-day walk.  I feel like I started this journey a lifetime ago and I’m not sure how I feel about it soon coming … Read more

I know I’ve been pretty quiet lately. After a couple of months of typing words as fast as they came to my mind I needed a little silence.   I needed to stop recording life and spend some time just living it, and not thinking about how today’s events or feelings link back into a bigger picture or how my mom is in every moment. I needed to watch my babies play and not think about what the joy in those moments meant.  I needed to walk at the pace and speed and distance that I could and not record the … Read more

Missing In Action

Time has not been kind to me lately.  There just doesn’t seem to be enough of it.  My hours are too short, my days are too short, my weeks are too short.  Things at work have been crazy.  Crazy in a challenging way which is good but it’s bordering on overwhelming and I have to keep telling myself to focus on what matters and either delegate or let go of the rest (not an easy task for this micro-manager).  And as I’m sitting here thinking about that I’m realizing the my job pretty much mirrors my life. My life is … Read more