Life Lesson

Have you ever met someone that made you want to be a better person?  Not in the change the world kind of way.  But in the change your own world kind of way? Susan Niebur has done that for me.  I don’t know Susan, although she lives in the same town and goes to the same Church (OK-I haven’t gone to Church since Will’s Christening but if I did it would be the same Church).  But last night, I joined the hundredes or thousands or maybe more individuals that she has shared her life with. Susan is a professionally accomplished … Read more

My New Years Resolutions

I’ve never been big into New Year’s resolutions. But the dawn of a New Year has always excited me. Like the first day of a new school year, or a brand new planner. All shiny and new with lots of possibility. An opportunity to learn from the mistakes of the past, leave behind what didn’t work and to and take forward the best from the years before. There’s a lot that lies ahead in 2012. And the one thing I have learned from the past is that everyday with the people you love is a gift. In 2012 I want … Read more

Christmas Time with Kids is Fun (and exhausting)

Christmas time is a magical time of year for me.  We’ve already established that I’m a sentimental fool and the spirit of giving and love fill me.  But this year it is different.  This year I get to see Christmas through my kid’s eyes.  Sure, Sam has already experienced two Christmases but this is the first year that he is starting to “get it.” Our nightly drive home from daycare has been filled with shear excitement and squeals of “Christmas Yights” (lights).  The minute we get home Sam runs to the tree and jumps up and down till I hit … Read more