Accountability – Week 13

May was a terrible month for training (and accountability) but I am back!  I didn’t have a stellar week but I walked more miles than was called for this weekend.  It felt good.  After pushing the boys for seven miles yesterday, today’s 4 mile walk was a piece of cake.  I invested in my “hydration system” — who knew there was such a thing? And picked up some different brands of socks to see which ones I like the best. 

I’m really looking forward to next weekend when we have some “girl walks” planned.  It’s been a busy couple of weeks for all of us and I’ve missed catching up with my friends.  

On the fundraising front I am less than $600 away from exceeding my goal of raising $4600 and Linda’s Ladies has raised $10,703.28  I am just so proud of us.  If anyone has any experience in getting corporate donors/sponsors will you drop me a line?  I’d love to pick your brain.

 Accountability – Week 13
Weeks until Walk -20
Funds Raised to Date – $4051.14
Miles Walked to Date – 138.3
Monday – Rest
Tuesday -2.8
Wednesday – Rest
Thursday – 0
Friday – -0
Saturday – 7 miles pushing the kids (that should count for at least 10 right??)
Sunday – 4 miles

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2 Responses to Accountability – Week 13

  1. Kristen says:

    You can do it!! Love the accountability post!!

  2. Amanda says:

    Thanks Kristen! It keeps me honest!

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